Rifle Barrel Cleaning 101—Video and Transcript

Rifle barrel cleaning—learn why and how often to clean Because it matters for precision (and why some shooters think it doesn’t matter that much) This is a head game—if you don’t think that the gun’s going to shoot well, it won’t, and Protect your asset from fouling, pitting and corrosion. I put together a 15-minute […]

Decoding the MilliRadian

Mil-Dot Reticle

In short summary of the post Minute of Angle (MOA) for Scope Adjustment, a minute of angle is 1/60th of a degree, and there are 360 degrees in a circle. If the target is at the edge of a giant circle and you are at the center, then you can calculate the width of a […]

Minute of Angle (MOA) for Scope Adjustment

March scope turrets

  Minute of Angle (MOA) Scope Adjustments and Holds I think most rifle shooters know the term “minute of angle” (MOA). In the breakdown of a scope, the minute of angle refers to a measurement you dial onto your scope, to change the point of impact on target by the same measure. For example, my […]

Mr. and Mrs. Benchrest… Tony and Faye Boyer

Benchrest shooting secrets from the annals of PRECISION SHOOTING – AUGUST 2009 The following article, highlighting the benchrest shooting secrets of Tony and Faye Boyer, is reprinted from the August 2009 issue of PRECISION SHOOTING magazine. Also featured in 2009 by AccurateShooter.com Daily Bulletin. BY JAMES MOCK The 2009 Super Shoot is now history and […]

Rifle Kaboom!

Damaged bolt following rifle kaboom event.

Rifle kaboom-let’s discuss a serious topic! In the benchrest shooting community there have been two back-to-back rifle kaboom events in the past two week-ends, one at a shoot I just attended. Luckily nobody was seriously injured. But these were potentially life-threatening events. The names and details aren’t relevant; this could happen to any experienced shooter. […]

Master benchrest rifle shooting—video!

Vera Carter at benchrest rifle match in Fairchance Pennsylvania.

Hey sharpshooters, here’s a “how to” video on benchrest rifle shooting—mastering the precision rifle, close up! I took this two-minute video at a registered NBRSA (National Benchrest Shooters Association) match at the Fairchance rifle range in Pennsylvania —of me shooting a 0.373” group at 200 yards —that’s under two-tenths inch Minute of Angle. Watch the […]

Rifle Scope Mounts—Optimize Your Optics

dove-tail rifle scope mount

Rifle scope installation can be intimidating, but it’s a simple task. They are just one accessory that can really help improve your aim. While there is other equipment you can add to your rifle to increase your accuracy (read more here), for the moment though, let’s just focus on scopes. This post will give you […]

Rifle Scopes Review: Competition Optics

Target scope view 200 yards

Hey shooters, today I’m reviewing the rifle scopes I use in short-range competition. Now before my long-range friends unsubscribe, trust me that you’ll find this an interesting blog post-regardless of the brand of scope you own, or your shooting sport! I’ll share tips on how to prevent damage to your optics, and the pros and […]

How to Read the Wind: Intro to Precision Rifle Shooting

Hey hot shots – here’s an introductory video on how to read the wind for precision rifle shooting.  We’ll eventually get into advanced techniques, but this first video is going to start with the basics. The language we use to describe wind conditions is easy to understand, but it’s not intuitive.  I remember wondering whether […]

Welcome to Precision Rifle Shooting!

Hi and welcome! I’ve been shooting precision rifle for years and I’d love to share my experience with you-maybe you’ve met me at a range already, or have seen me online. If you’re a new or intermediate rifle shooter, then this site is for you! I’ll help you improve your precision rifle shooting technique and […]