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Benchrest 2017: Precision Rifle Matches

Shooters at a short-range benchrest match at Elmira Ontario.

Following are selected short-range benchrest match schedules for Eastern Canada and the U.S.A.

This is short-range precision benchrest rifle shooting at its finest – come out and enjoy the competition!

Ontario Rifle Shooters Association (ORSA)

Elmira Rod and Gun Club

All Elmira benchrest group/score matches are at 100/200 yards. Registration is at 8 a.m. and shooting starts at 9. Fees are $40.00 per day – the fees include lunch and tips for the target crew. Email for more info.

  • June 3-4 – Group – Clayton Martin Memorial
  • June 17-18 – Group – Alex Calder Memorial
  • July 2 – Score
  • August 26-27 – Group – Horace Brotherton Memorial (*updated)
  • September 30-October 1 – Group – Vic Swindlehurst Cup
  • October 29 – Score

– Twin City Rifle Club (TCRC)

The Twin City Rifle Club is hosting four rifle shoots in 2017; registration is at 8 a.m. and shooting starts at 9. Fees will be set by the club. Directions are linked here, email me for more details.

  • March 25 – Benchrest Score
  • June 24 – Prone Precision
  • July 15 – Benchrest Score
  • September 16 – Egg Shoot

– Listowel Rifle and Revolver Club

The Listowel Rifle and Revolver Club is holding four precision rifle shoots in 2017. I don’t have details on registration and fees, but consider them similar to Elmira and TCRC. Here is a map showing the club location.

  • April 28-29 – Sniper
  • May 13 – Benchrest Score
  • September 9 – Benchrest Score
  • September 29-30 – Sniper

2017 NBRSA Eastern Region (Group) Short-Range Benchrest Match Schedule

National Benchrest Shooters Association – for information about short-range benchrest matches in the NBRSA Eastern Region and across the U.S.A. see the NBRSA blog.

April 22-23 LV/HV 100/200 WWCCA MI Spring Tune-Up
April 29-30 LV/HV 100/200 Holton MI President’s Cup
May 6-7 LV/HV 100/200 Fairchance PA Hog Roast
June 10-11 LV/HV 100/200 WWCCA Lowell Hottenstein Memorial
June 24-25 LV/HV 100/200 Shelby County Ohio Briar Hail Memorial
July 8-9 LV/HV 100/200 Holton Michigan State Championship
July 22-23 LV/HV 100/200 Kane PA Pennsylvania State Championship
August 5-6 LV/HV 100/200 Holton Summer Match
August 19-20 LV/HV 100/200 Chippewa Ohio Summer Match
September 2-4 LV/HV/UNL 100/200 Fairchance Eastern Regionals
October 7-8 LV/HV 100/200 WWCCA Fall Classic
October 21-22 LV/HV 100/200 Shelby County Fall Finale

2017 NBRSA Nationals

Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis, Group LV/HV/SP/UNL, September 18-23

2017 45th Annual Firearms Industry Super Shoot (FISS)

Kelbly’s Shooting Range Ohio, May 22-27 (registration form)

2017 International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) Matches

See IBS group schedule here

IBS Group Nationals – Holton Gun and Bow Club, Michigan, August 14-19 (registration form)

2017 Western Wayne County Conservation Authority (WWCCA) Score Match Schedule

Following are benchrest score matches for the Western Wayne County Conservation Authority (WWCCA) range in 2017 (see above for NBRSA registered group shoots).

  • Sunday, January 15 – 10:00 a.m.
  • Sunday, February 19 – 10:00 a.m.
  • Sunday, March 19 – 10:00 a.m.
  • Saturday, July 15 – 9:00 a.m.
  • Saturday, August 19 – 9:00 a.m.
  • Sunday, September 17 – 10:00 a.m.
  • Sunday, December 3 – 10:00 a.m.
Rifle Kaboom!

Rifle Kaboom!

Rifle kaboom—let’s discuss a serious topic!

In the benchrest shooting community there have been two back-to-back rifle kaboom events in the past two week-ends, one at a shoot I just attended.

Luckily nobody was seriously injured.  But these were potentially life-threatening events.

The names and details aren’t relevant; this could happen to any experienced shooter.

I wanted to post this today as a cautionary reminder for all of us, to stay focused when handloading ammunition, and when behind the trigger.

Damaged bolt following rifle kaboom event.
Damaged bolt following rifle kaboom—a piece of the locking lug is shown on the bench below.

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Master benchrest rifle shooting—video!

Master benchrest rifle shooting—video!

Hey sharpshooters, here’s a “how to” video on benchrest rifle shooting—mastering the precision rifle, close up!

I took this two-minute video at a registered NBRSA (National Benchrest Shooters Association) match at the Fairchance rifle range in Pennsylvania

—of me shooting a 0.373” group at 200 yards

—that’s under two-tenths inch Minute of Angle.

Watch the video—now that’s how it’s done!

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Rifle Scope Mounts—Optimize Your Optics

Rifle Scope Mounts—Optimize Your Optics

Rifle scope installation can be intimidating, but it’s a simple task. This post will give you a basic overview of mounting systems, with pros and cons of each.

I’ll walk you through setting eye relief, and will discuss scope level and why it’s important.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be ready for the range in no time!


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Rifle Scopes Review:  Competition Optics

Rifle Scopes Review: Competition Optics

Hey shooters, today I’m reviewing the rifle scopes I use in short-range competition.  Now before my long-range friends unsubscribe, trust me that you’ll find this an interesting blog post—regardless of the brand of scope you own, or your shooting sport!

I’ll share tips on how to prevent damage to your optics, and the pros and cons of different scope magnifications and objectives.

And you’ll see my own equipment, and why I love it.

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How to Read the Wind:  Intro to Precision Rifle Shooting

How to Read the Wind: Intro to Precision Rifle Shooting

Hey hot shots – here’s an introductory video on how to read the wind for precision rifle shooting.  We’ll eventually get into advanced techniques, but this first video is going to start with the basics.

The language we use to describe wind conditions is easy to understand, but it’s not intuitive.  I remember wondering whether a 3 o’clock wind was coming from or blowing towards 3 o’clock.  So here’s an overview of the technical jargon and some ninja tips on reading the wind—let’s get started so we can all get on the same footing.

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Welcome to Precision Rifle Shooting!

Welcome to Precision Rifle Shooting!

Hi and welcome!  I’ve been shooting precision rifle for years and I’d love to share my experience with you—maybe you’ve met me at a range already, or have seen me online.

If you’re a new or intermediate rifle shooter, then this site is for you!  I’ll help you improve your precision rifle shooting technique and accuracy.

Interesting and informative posts for precision rifle shooters

I’m writing a book and will be blogging on this website.  Check back weekly for interesting and informative posts.

Drop me a comment of what you’d like to see.  So far my most popular videos are of me at the bench.

It’s in your hands—tell me what you want to see!

Future posts will include more of my shooting videos, plus a series on the fundamentals of:

  • hand loading
  • equipment (actions, stocks, scopes, cleaning)
  • cleaning
  • shooting techniques
  • reading the wind
  • tuning loads for conditions
  • strategies for winning
  • troubleshooting

You’ll see videos showing practical tips and tricks.  There are text summaries and useful links.

I’ll highlight the latest equipment for you, and explain what works, and what doesn’t.

Basic and advanced topics

Want to see more basic instructional videos?  Or would you like to see advanced information on fine-tuning powder loads for changes in temperature and humidity?

Are you interested in gaining more confidence with a rifle?  Or pushing you and your equipment to achieve extreme accuracy?

Let me know!  I’d love to hear what’s valuable for you—it’s simple, just leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

What’s in a post?

My blog posts have a mix of:

  • How-to instructional posts with videos
  • Close-up videos of me shooting in competition—under real pressure
  • My personal recommendations and reviews
  • Deep-dive links to equipment suppliers, organizations and blogs

And you’ll re-live stories of competition benchrest from around the world:

  • National Benchrest Shooting Association (NBRSA) Nationals
  • International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) Nationals
  • Firearms Industry Super Shoot (FISS)
  • World Benchrest Championships (WBC)—in seven countries on four continents

And I have stories to tell!  Check out my ‘about‘ page for more info.

Come along for the journey to better marksmanship—I’ll show you how to stay on target!

Yours in benchrest,


Vera Carter, precision rifle shooter