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Mil-Dot Reticle

Decoding the MilliRadian

In short summary of the post Minute of Angle (MOA) for Scope Adjustment, a minute of angle is 1/60th of a degree, and there are


Mr. and Mrs. Benchrest… Tony and Faye Boyer

Benchrest shooting secrets from the annals of PRECISION SHOOTING – AUGUST 2009 The following article, highlighting the benchrest shooting secrets of Tony and Faye Boyer,

Damaged bolt following rifle kaboom event.

Rifle Kaboom!

Rifle kaboom-let’s discuss a serious topic! In the benchrest shooting community there have been two back-to-back rifle kaboom events in the past two week-ends, one

Vera Carter at benchrest rifle match in Fairchance Pennsylvania.

Master benchrest rifle shooting—video!

Hey sharpshooters, here’s a “how to” video on benchrest rifle shooting—mastering the precision rifle, close up! I took this two-minute video at a registered NBRSA

dove-tail rifle scope mount

Rifle Scope Mounts—Optimize Your Optics

Rifle scope installation can be intimidating, but it’s a simple task. They are just one accessory that can really help improve your aim. While there

Target scope view 200 yards

Rifle Scopes Review: Competition Optics

Hey shooters, today I’m reviewing the rifle scopes I use in short-range competition. Now before my long-range friends unsubscribe, trust me that you’ll find this