Welcome to Precision Rifle Shooting!

Welcome to Precision Rifle Shooting!

Welcome to Precision Rifle Shooting!

Hi and welcome! I've been shooting precision rifle for years and I'd love to share my experience with you-maybe you've met me at a range already, or have seen me online.

If you're a new or intermediate rifle shooter, then this site is for you! I'll help you improve your precision rifle shooting technique and accuracy.

Interesting and informative posts for precision rifle shooters

I'm writing a book and will be blogging on this website. I'm going to fill my book with the various hints and tricks I've learned whilst being an intermediate shooter as well as document my progression. This book is going to be my baby and I'm so excited to get started! I've done my research and really feel like that's a place for my book in the market and I'm looking into the best self publishing companies so I can get my book out there as soon as possible for all to enjoy! Check back weekly for interesting and informative posts.

Drop me a comment of what you'd like to see. So far my most popular videos are of me at the bench.

It's in your hands-tell me what you want to see!

Future posts will include more of my shooting videos, plus a series on the fundamentals of:

  • hand loading
  • equipment (actions, stocks, scopes, cleaning)
  • cleaning
  • shooting techniques
  • reading the wind
  • tuning loads for conditions
  • strategies for winning
  • troubleshooting

You'll see videos showing practical tips and tricks. There are text summaries and useful links.

I'll highlight the latest equipment for you, and explain what works, and what doesn't.

Basic and advanced topics

Want to see more basic instructional videos? Or would you like to see advanced information on fine-tuning powder loads for changes in temperature and humidity?

Are you interested in gaining more confidence with a rifle? Or pushing you and your equipment to achieve extreme accuracy?

Let me know! I'd love to hear what's valuable for you-it's simple, just leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

What's in a post?

My blog posts have a mix of:

  • How-to instructional posts with videos
  • Close-up videos of me shooting in competition-under real pressure
  • My personal recommendations and reviews
  • Deep-dive links to equipment suppliers, organizations and blogs

And you'll re-live stories of competition benchrest from around the world:

  • National Benchrest Shooting Association (NBRSA) Nationals
  • International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) Nationals
  • Firearms Industry Super Shoot (FISS)
  • World Benchrest Championships (WBC)-in seven countries on four continents

And I have stories to tell! Check out my ‘about‘ page for more info.

Come along for the journey to better marksmanship-I'll show you how to stay on target!

Yours in benchrest,


Vera Carter, precision rifle shooter

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