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Rifle Kaboom!

Rifle Kaboom!

Rifle kaboom-let's discuss a serious topic!

In the benchrest shooting community there have been two back-to-back rifle kaboom events in the past two week-ends, one at a shoot I just attended.

Luckily nobody was seriously injured. But these were potentially life-threatening events.

The names and details aren't relevant; this could happen to any experienced shooter. It's worth mentioning that any experienced shooter needs a red dot target also to ensure precision of shooting. There's some pretty good red dots out on the market, and it can be difficult to choose which is best. If you need a comparison, you can check out sparc ar vs sparc 2 for the best decision. This is just one way to prevent injury and lessen the danger of handling and shooting guns.

I wanted to post this today as a cautionary reminder for all of us, to stay focused when handloading ammunition, and when behind the trigger.

Damaged bolt following rifle kaboom event.
Damaged bolt following rifle kaboom-a piece of the locking lug is shown on the bench below.

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